4 New year Resolutions for pet parents in 2021

4 New year Resolutions for pet parents in 2021

New year, New Beginnings

2020, a not-so-great year is almost over! Many of us are waiting to begin 2021 with hope and positivity. Most of us are also planning to welcome 2021 with new year resolutions. While the previous year’s resolutions (travelling, meeting friends, starting gym) were futile, this year we can still hope to make new ones.

This year, as pet parents, let us make resolutions for our pets too! Let us all start the new year with positive changes in our own as well as our good boy’s lives.

Furrble brings you four resolutions to conquer for the year 2021.

Let’s Pet-Set and go!

Prioritise Personal Hygiene!

If there is one thing that this year has taught everybody, it isーHygiene. It’s also the only thing we would like to take forward to next year. It is as important to keep your pets clean as to clean yourself. While there is no evidence that your pet’s fur could carry the Coronavirus, their fur could become a carrier to bacteria and fungi, which could lead to diseases. So, wipe your pets every time they come from outside. Make a resolution, to bathe your pets every alternate day, and keep their paws and fur clean.

Keep Kibbles at bay!

Are you still feeding your furry friends packaged food? If yes, you gotta hear us out! Kibbles are loaded with calories and preservatives with negligible amounts of fibre and water content. They fill your pets stomachs but do not benefit your pet’s health. What other option do I have, you ask? Fresh- home-cooked food. You should prepare food for your pets in your kitchen or adopt a service that can make fresh food for your pet. You can consult a vet for a personalised diet plan for your pet. High time to ditch those kibbles and choose fresh food. Fresh food, for a fresh year!

Give pets the best gift!

Time is the best gift that you can give to your bundle of hope. Work from home has blurred the line between personal and professional life. Many of us are working more than our normal office hours, leaving us with no time to spend with our pets. Just like we feel trapped in a house, they feel the same. This new year, promise yourself to spend more time with your pets and give them all the love and the attention that they need. Not only will it make them happy but also after a long day, their cuddles will bring peace to you. Keep happy and stay happy.

Say hello to the Vet!

These trying times have made us all fearful of visiting doctors. This year we were not able to take care of our pets completely. We might have skipped, pushed or postponed their Vet appointments due to the fear of getting infected. While the Coronavirus persists, we should not delay the Vet appointment for our pets. This new year let us decide in our hearts to take our pets to vets at least twice in a year. Also, don't forget to book a dental checkup for them at least once a year. Many parents ignore dental hygiene. If you want to know more you can read our blog on Dental Hygiene. So, say hello to the Vet.

Team Furrble wishes you a Happy New year!

That’s all folks. Until next time…

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