Labrador Retriever Nutrition Guide 101

Labrador Retriever Nutrition Guide 101

One of the most popular and loved dog breeds in India is Labrador Retriever, and we get why. Being the best cuddler on the planet Earth, they are a perfect stress buster after a long day. Their all-time high energy-levels will keep you on your toes, making you fitter than ever. Labrador’s zest for life is highly contagious, making them a perfect family dog. While they provide us with all the love and affection, we must give them healthy and nutrient-filled meals. But what is a perfect meal plan for these sweet-hearts?

Super Food: What to feed your Labrador?

These goofballs need proper food to balance out their over-enthusiastic lifestyle. A healthy diet should ideally include approximately 50% animal protein, 30% complex carbohydrates, and 20% fruit and vegetables. While many packaged kibbles claim to be a perfect blend of all vitamins and proteins, their ingredient list says otherwise. Loaded with preservatives, Kibbles are anything but good for the Labradors. Then what is the alternative? Fresh, Human grade foods. Yes, these foods are way better than any packaged food available in the market. But you need to keep in mind that a food that’s healthy for you may be toxic for your dog. Several foods are a complete yay, while others you may want to skip. Let’s learn about both-

Meat For fulfillment of proteins and fats, you can feed chicken, fish, mutton, and beef to your Labrador. Indian households consume chicken the most. However, do not cook it with excessive spices, oils, and garlic as it may cause acid reflux in your pet.

Grains and Pulses: Whole grains(brown rice, quinoa, millet) and pulses(beans, peas, lentils) are an excellent source of nutrition. These foods are essential components of a balanced diet. However, before feeding, as a responsible pet parent, check if your furry friend is allergic to any of the grains.

Fruits and Vegetables: One of the biggest challenges that the pet parents of Labrador face are weight management. To deal with it, you should feed Fruits and vegetables to your pet. Loaded with vitamins, minerals, and fiber-these superfoods also help to avoid acid reflux and constipation in Labrador. But, avoid certain foods like- Raisins, grapes, and Macadamia nuts, as they do not digest easily.

Portion Control: How much to feed your Labrador?

Ideally, feed your pet two times a day, with controlled portions. Labrador loves food, plus they are genetically prone to obesity. It makes their weight management a tricky business. Pet parents feeding kibbles are in big trouble as kibbles are mere calories with negligible amounts of nutrients. They lead to quick weight gain and can cause health issues for your four-legged companion. When pet parents realize their dogs have gained weight, they start to portion control by feeding their dogs less. However, this does not help. Instead, they should opt for fresh food that is easily digestible and has controlled calories. Fresh foods not only help to manage weight but also keep your cuddler energetic throughout the day.

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