Can dogs get Coronavirus?

Can dogs get Coronavirus?

It’s December the 23rd, already. One year anniversary of the damned virus just passed by. Health and safety had their meanings redefined for you, me and everyone else. They have been topping our priority list for a while now and well, the world has adjusted.

But what about our furry friends? For us pet parents, the pandemic brought a whole different set of questions, and we at Furrble are here to guide you in these trying times. In this blog, we will answer all your questions regarding pet care during COVID-19.

While 2020 has finally come to an end, Coronavirus has not. As a responsible adult, you are doing everything that you can to keep your family and yourself safe. And as a pet parent, you are worried about your furry friend as well. With limited information and uncertainties, there might be several apprehensions in your mind regarding your pet’s health. Can my pet be infected with coronavirus? According to the World Organization of Animal Health, dogs can get infected with the coronavirus. Now before you panic, hear us out. Covid-19 is not a health threat to your dog. Infected dogs may get sick and might have mild symptoms, but the majority of them get fully recovered. Also, there is no substantial evidence to prove that dogs can spread coronavirus.

Protection against coronavirus:

While COVID-19 might not be life-threatening to your pet, as responsible pet parents, it is crucial to follow the safety and hygiene practices to keep your little ones healthy.

  • Do not walk your dog without a leash and maintain 6 feet distance from other animals and people.
  • Avoid taking your pets to crowded places like parks.
  • Do not mask your dogs, as they could be harmful to your pets.

Although there is no evidence that the fur or skin of dogs can carry the Coronavirus, they might carry some fungi and bacteria that can make people sick. So, it is mandatory to clean them after they come from outside. However, do not use sanitizers or over-the-counter cleaning products, as they might irritate your pet’s skin.

How to take care of your dog if you are tested positive for COVID-19:

If you are tested positive for COVID-19, take certain precautions to protect your dog from infecting.

  • Immediately, avoid any contact with your dog like snuggling, cuddling, being licked, etc.
  • Stop sharing your food and bedding with the dog.
  • If possible, ask another family member to take care of your pet until you fully recover.
  • If you are the sole care-taker, wear a mask all the time and use sanitizers before interacting with them.

Should I get my dog tested for COVID-19?

There is no need to get your dog tested for COVID-19 at the moment. As per U.S Food and Drug Administration (FDA) guidelines, the COVID-19 test is not recommended at this time, owing to the low chances of pets spreading the virus. In case you are tested positive for Coronavirus, and your dog falls ill, then you should contact a veterinarian. The vet can consult your pet and can take steps thereon. Though, keep in mind that do not take your dog to a Vet yourself.

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